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The Black Mountain Range

Over these past seventeen years, as I have walked Conley Ridge Road, near Ledger and south of Bakersville in western North Carolina, I have viewed this mountain range, just twelve miles away, in all seasons, on clear, hazy and cloudy days, and even in bright moonlight. I recall the geologistís statement  that 380 million years ago they were as high as the Himalayas are today.


Brown's View of the Black Brothers

I pass this way as I walk routinely on Conley Ridge Road,

in Mitchell County, N.C. It is a privilege to see this view in all seasons but especially in the lush green of summer.This view is from the road in front of the Brown property.

Gudger's Field

Gudger's Field II

I have a photograph, Gudger's Door, which refers to my good neighbor, Gudger, who passed away not long ago, and another photograph, Home, whose name came from his wife, Mae. Gudger's Field is mentioned in the narrative for Home.

I wanted to honor Gudger again with the name of this one, taken from the top of Gudger's Hill on Conley Ridge Road, looking due south toward the Black Mountain Range.

Copyright May, 2007


What a special, powerful word. The name of this picture comes from an ideal source: my good neighbor, Mae, who has lived on Conley Ridge Road for many years, very near the site of this view.

The Christmas tree farm is on her property, also known as Gudger's Field. Imagine a lifetime of calling this view home. Copyright 2005

Ashland Mountain Black Mountain Range

Black Mountain range panoramic

Heavens Are Telling

Black Mountain range at sunset 12-16-13

Black Mountain range at sunset II 12-16-13

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