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Welcome to the Doug Sudduth Photography Web Site!

Photography is very much about light, not just good or bad lighting, but the infinite range of light and its impact on everything. Sunlight, as it touches, radiates the fronds of maiden grass is fascinating. I love reflected light on water surfaces, especially the dancing light on the nearby North Toe River or back-lighted maiden grass.

I studied documentary photography at Penland School of Crafts with Asheville photographer Ralph Burns, as my wife, Billie Ruth, taught basketry there. This encouraged the display and presentation of my work in several venues. I now own a Canon EOS Elan 35mm SLR and a Canon EOS 50D SLR.

When I hear others describing what they see in a photograph, I delight in the simple fact that every set of eyes on the planet is unique, including mine.


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Here are my photo galleries. Any comments are welcomed. All photographs are available for purchase.

You can Contact Me at DSlents@aol.com 

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