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Most of these pictures were taken on Conley Ridge Road near the Ledger community in Mitchell County, N.C.

Dave's Barn

Located on Conley Ridge Road near the Ledger community in Mitchell County, N.C,. this barn was built many years ago by Dave Hoyle, grandfather of Robert Hoyle.

As I walked this road for the past eight years in all seasons, I passed this silent sentinel, having numerous roadside conversations with Robert. Hence, this photograph is named in memory of Robert's grandfather, known to me only through his grandson and the barn he built beside the road I love to walk.

Copyright 2001

Gudger's Door

As I routinely walk Conley Ridge Road, I climb a long, steep hill, Gudger's Hill, passing his home, almost halfway up. I have enjoyed many visits with Gudger and his wife, Mae.

I had mistaken the ownership of the barn where I took this picture, and Gudger gently stated "that's my barn". I named the picture right there, later presenting a print to Gudger and Mae.

He died some time later.

As I pass his door and climb his hill, I cherish the visits we had.

Copyright 1996

Harold's World

Close to the intersection of Snow Creek and Wing Roads, is a "goat barn", immediate right, and, in the distance on

the right, is a large, multipurpose barn.

As I begin my walk down Wing Road, I often see and chat with Harold, the owner of everything in this picture, except the road and, of course, the sky. He's always working on something, at times, driving a tractor. He is a genuine, good neighbor.

Copyright 2004

Harold's World Winter

Taken after the great snow of 2009.

Copyright 2009

Old Yellow House

Old Yellow House Winter

I revisited this house during the great snow of December, 2009, to contrast it with snow from thge lush green of the first photo.

Copyright 2009

Mabry Mill 9/11

We were traveling home to Mitchell County from northern Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway, having cancelled our trip to Manhattan on that tragic, terrible day. The Parkway was like a sanctuary, separated from all that was happening in our country.

Mabry Mill, the most photographed site on the Parkway, is presented here with a shaky, reversed image from its reflection in the water to convey the impact of that day. Still, the beauty and tranquility of

Mabry Mill prevails.

Copyright 2001

Penland Lines

This is the front of the Penland Gallery,

Penland School of Crafts, Penland, N.C.

in Mitchell County.

Copyright 2003

Snow Maze

In the woods near our home, after a heavy, wet Spring snow, this view was a silent, peaceful tunnel of snow-covered limbs.

This photograph received Honorable Mention in the Artists/ Competition at Mayland Community College, in Spruce Pine, N.C. in October, 2003.

Copyright 2003

Snow Maze II

Basically from the same part of my property, but seven years later during the great snow of December, 2009.

Copyright 2009

Wing Winter

Wing Winter II

During the great snow of December, 2009, I shot this

on our property looking toward the driveway.

Copyright 2009

Great Snow Gnome

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