Toe River  Scenes                                                                                               The North Toe River is near where I live in the Ledger Community of Mitchell County, North Carolina. My access is off Conley Ridge Road, then down Kat Conley Lane to the river. The CSX railroad track is laid parallel to the river, so, careful for oncoming trains, I can walk the track to either, shoot photos from the track, or use a favorite access to get closer to the river. Upstream is the Penland P.O. and the nearby old Penland dam, demolished years ago, with sections of concrete still visible. Downstream is the old Wing Community, an active place in its day, even a stop for the train, a service discontinued long ago. My favorite "perch" is an outcropping of massive, black rock, described to me as, Ashe Metamorphic Suite,

estimated to be 600-800 million years old, by geologist, Alex Glover,PG, Corporate Director of Mining and Environmental, Active Minerals Internationals, LLC.

Included here are a few shots of the Toe River, as it flows through Spruce Pine, several miles upstream from the Penland/Wing Community area.



Toe River Dancing Light