Four O'Clock Lent

 On Wednesday, January 22, I was all done snow plowing @3:30  p.m., sky was clear blue, not a cloud. So, I went inside, snow boots  off, eating a snack, glanced out my  window, and....the sky had exploded  with lents,(lenticular clouds) both over Mt. Mitchell and toward  Bailey's peak, the usual big lent appearance area of the sky from my  view. I decided that, on cue, at 4 o'clock, like a train schedule, they  pop up. If I had just trudged up the "back 40"; with camera/tripod in hand,  expectin

January Lent

      This animation is an   exceptional illustration of the turbulence involved in  lenticular clouds. It almost resembled a tornado, when   you view the animation, which is made by shooting every    10 seconds for 15 minutes.  01-09-13

Also visible in the background  is Mt. Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi River.  

Note: I use the term "lent" for the full title of lenticular cloud.

Advent Lent

 Lenticular cloud over the Black Mountains of North Carolina in a time  lapse animation from my father, Doug Sudduth. He took one frame every 10  seconds for 15 minutes and processed using Windows Movie Maker.   This illustrates how terrain-oriented lenticular clouds have energy&motion internally.

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